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An introductory post on why I started blogging - Love for Physics, Uncertainty principle in life, ways to reduce the entropy in life

Enter, the problem

Blogging isn’t my cup of tea but there is a profound definite reason to why this blog exists. Before I delve into telling the reason I have a very profound statement to make.

Heisenberg was wrong!

I met Quantum Physics in the mid-year 2008. And when you meet Quantum Physics, all the primary education starts to make sense. Physics and Chemistry become interdependent; mathematical concepts become real and history become admirable. It is then, when from reading grammar, people graduate to poetry.

Among stories of discoveries and inventions, evolution of Newtonian to Quantum Physics was most enticing. Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle was most relatable.

Source: XKCD 1861

Uncertainty Principle (source: Wiki) states – “more precisely the position of some particle is determined, less precisely its momentum can be known, and vice versa”. Heisenberg went on length to say that uncertainty principle is the fundamental property of all quantum systems.

Uncertainty Principle

Two important measurements that are in the equations are position and momentum. Momentum is mass times velocity and for the sake of this discussion, let us assume mass is constant. The assumption would be invalid in case Einstien’s Relativity Theorem (source: Wiki) was in action, which deserves a post in itself. Hence, concentrating on more appropriate position and velocity.

Simply put, I can’t determine position and velocity of a sub-atomic particle at the same time. But I can do that for a car, where uncertainty w.r.t position and velocity is less.

Taking an example, if you want to know the speed of a moving object, say a car, and you put a stationary reference in the trajectory of movement, say my hand, I can scream my guts out and you would find the force exerted by the moving object on stationary reference. Intensity of the scream can tell you about the velocity of the moving car. Calculating both position and velocity for macroscopic objects is accurate with current technology.

Theoretically, on macroscopic levels, the effect of the Uncertainty Principle is not evident or visible. Moreover, to complement Heisenberg, Fourier took the principle for waves and applied it for Fourier transforms; also now known as Fourier’s Uncertainty Principle.

Okay, where did Heisenberg go wrong?

Heisenberg and his colleagues claimed at macroscopic levels explaining Wave-Particle duality is difficult. As a result, the effect of Uncertainty Principle is not evident. In stark contrast, life is pretty macroscopic and Uncertainty Principle is apropos. Heisenberg was wrong!

Life moves fast. Both position and momentum are hard to determine, even though macroscopic.

Source: XKCD 1473

I revere Heisenberg but he definitely missed this angle on life. IMHO, he was busy thinking about theoretical Physics. Hence, began my quest to solve this e quation in my life.

Search for solutions

Life is an endless stream of unstructured data. It is difficult to read, write or process without a real-time message queue and stream processor. Taking a snapshot of the streaming data and trying to aggregate the findings is the best (and most clichéd) way of taking control back.

Writing - on stones, scriptures, historical accounts, documentation, and now online media; has been a long proven and easy way of solving the problem. Hence, it is mere logical for me to turn towards blogging (even in 2018) as a medium to keep an account for sanity.

sttp:// aka. secure thought transfer protocol is a thought aggregator. It serves exactly the same purpose - take a snapshot of thoughts and transfer it to the audience in a secure way. Like Apache Kafka to my memory feed. A strong motivation for sttp:// was to address irregular short-term memory fragmentation. It is an attempt to bring some order in my high entropy life - documenting experience about randomness, opinions, music, reading, travel, code and engineering.

Making a plan

Plan for the blog is to follow the motto, which is a slight modification of this quote:

Write a short story every week. It’s not possible to write 52 bad short stories in a row. – Ray Bradbury

For this case, the story will never turn out to be bad, it might be not applicable or relevant for readers (unless I’m talking about Politics, which I’ve got no interest in).


col·o·phon - a publisher’s emblem or imprint, usually on the title page of a book. – Google

It took me a total of 17 hours and two coffees to set up the initial infrastructure, get a minimal template, customize the template to align with my thoughts, and power it with secure thoughts. I had attempted and failed earlier using multiple other stacks but stumbled upon the technologies recently. In the process of implementing the concept, I have gathered immense respect for Golang which removes the exponentially learning curve.

secure thought transfer protocol has been written and produced by Harmanjeet Singh. Additional web nerd-ery has been powered by Hugo as blog generator, Terminal for design template reference, Github for automated deployment and free hosting.

Intentionally the blog layout is simple, so as to focus on the content. It indicates the low focus on funky visuals and my lower competency to make frontend changes.

Update (Jul 27,2019):

I no longer use the Terminal theme and have resorted to self created theme focused on content, cleanliness, speed, responsiveness and privacy. The inspiration of the theme is from better-mother-loving-website with soothing dark layout.

Also, I’ve stopped asking people to review the content. This idea was about putting my thoughts across in a crude manner. Going throught the review process for any content obliterates the point of crude thought. People above still read the content and I listen to comments from all audience now. Thanks for your help!

To find more about Uncertainty Principle, certainly, read ELI5 or watch these excellent videos by Ted-Ed and Veritaserum. These sources explain the concept in more accurately and with a better analogy.

This is a minimalistic blog which at this moment does not support comments. In case you have any feedback or comments, reach out to me on Twitter or Mail.