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Concern 1: I don’t like posting updates to Twitter. Why? Because:

What I do on Twitter is - read a lot of good stuff (among rants, jokes, memes and related stuff), learn about new trends and retweet things which appeal.

Concern 2: I fail on keeping up with frequent blogging

When I originally thought of the idea for the blog, I was solving for some problems. You can read the blog post - Why I started writing? for more details. TL,DR: I wanted to document interesting thoughts in a secure way without broadcasting the personal effects.

How does blog overcome or try to overcome the concerns I have for Twitter?

Blogging was a boon instantly - it helped me articulate things better and taught me how to remove clutter from thoughts and isolate concerns. It also taught me simplicity in thoughts and UI/UX is powerful. I redesigned my blog to show that effect

But the original problem still remained. I was not blogging frequently and was going for perfection of blog posts. The another big problem with blogging weekly meant doing that on Weekend, which is impossible unless there is discipline.

Not so much of a concern but ….

I’m not on Facebook. I’m on LinkedIn an hour per week. I’m on Instagram lesser than LinkedIn (to converse with Snigdha) and I don’t even want to get started with any blogging site, social site.

And even if I were doing better on these platforms, it would be non-issue and similar to Twitter.

Microblog is born

I think few of the below, if not all are going to happen

I can put content without rationale
I have crude thoughts, Okay! No longer a concern. I found an awesome link - this is my clipboard. I have an unfinished idea - here it can be thrown.

I will follow a routine
Since, I don’t have to adhere to a certain level of thought. I can post more frequently - weekly, for sure; daily, most likely; hourly, maybe; realtime feed

I don’t loose track of thoughts
What this might also enable is the train of thoughts that is sometimes not complete, not thought thoroughly or interrupted by another interesting one. Like Elizabeth Gilbert says, Genius doesn’t happen to you all the time. So I’m going to note these things and have them accessible all the while

Let’s see where this goes. No promises and finger crossed!

This is a minimalistic blog which at this moment does not support comments. In case you have any feedback or comments, reach out to me on Twitter or Mail.