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Snigdha and Harman: Invitation


We met 8 years back and back then none of us knew that we are going to spend lots of time staying together being significant to one another. What started as a friendship back then has evolved to a promise that we hold to each other to stay together for time to come.

Back in 2012, the year when the world was going to end, we were still trying to get an engineering degree (we were stubborn and not superstitious at all). I was stupid and idiotic and she was classy and kind. We were working together to give back to society in college being part of The iCare Group. We would have not met or the equation would have been very different if it were not for this group.

Something had sparked and we waited a lot of years for it to mature into a deep relationship that we are now proud of. She is still caring, thoughtful and classy. As you might know, I’m still stupid and idiotic and time has made me more weird-er. One thing I had realized long ago - I would not find someone who understands me for the weird I’m and knows how I react to situations in life.

Thinking about our families, values and diverse culture, we went through lots of ups and down in the past. As much cliche it is, Getting married is not just for two individuals; it really is a merge of two families. Good thing for us, even though our families are different by faith and religious beliefs, the thoughts and values that drive the two houses are near identical. Both our Dads would do anything for our happiness, Moms are strong willed and power figures with the softness we need and our siblings want the best for us. We couldn’t have asked for any better; we don’t deserve any more. Cherry on the top, our friends and closed ones always believed in us, sometimes more than us and they are a big reason we are together. We love you all!

Wrapping the emotional overload and we want to invite all of you to our wedding. We start on this adventure this year, formailizing our bond and vowing to be together and we want our families, friends and close ones to be part of this event. Please join us this April and we would be blessed with your presence.

Major events:

Staying true to an Indian wedding definition and adding complexity as this is an even among two states there will be an overload of rituals that would happen two weeks before and post these dates. Happy to explain and would be blessed to have you as a part of them. See you!

Snigdha Gupta &
Harmanjeet Singh (+971 50 393 7005,

Update (March 21st, 2020)

I’ve travelled to India couple days back and there is an announcement for national lockdown starting Mar 24th. In wake of the COVID-19 break-out, all preparations for marriage has been postponed indefinitely and we wish everyone stays safe and healthy in coming time.

We would communicate further plans for marriage as soon as something becomes clear.

Update (Jun 11th, 2020)

Jun 2020 start, there were some relaxation for lockdown and it enabled the movement from my city to Patna. My family (Father, Mother, Sister and I) travelled on Jun 8th, 2020 to Patna and did the official marriage ceremonies in Patna Marriage Court.

I’m officially married as of today.

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